Aldi Dupes: The Final Verdict

They look the same, they smell the same and the ingredients lists look similar. It’s easy to see why they are so tempting. But having tried several Aldi versions of premium skincare products, let me… View Post

The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

The weather has cooled, the jeans are on and the candles are burning. This is what I’m loving this week. NEXT MID RISE SKINNY JEANS, £22 Can’t remember the last time I wore jeans, but… View Post

The £1.49 Aldi Beauty Sponge

They look mighty similar, but this Aldi Blending Sponge is nothing like the Beautyblender. If you’d clocked the likeness and we’re hoping for a dupe – this ain’t that. They feel totally different. The Beautyblender… View Post

Look Familiar? Aldi Dupes Diptyque

Naughty. See what you’ve done there Aldi. First it was Jo Malone. Now Diptyque. Aldi are coming for the luxury home fragrance market. Call it what you like – copycat, rip offs, dupes – the… View Post

Aldi Lacura Cuvée Royal Skincare

Last Christmas I bought an advent calendar from Aldi. They launched a beauty one, full of skincare. Essentially, it was 23 days of serum and 1 day of moisturiser. Pretty niche. But I do love… View Post