Luxe Loungewear Edit

It is cold. Brr. The weather of hot chocolate, socks, slippers. Of skipping out on socialising to hurry home and hibernate, with a good book or film, beneath a blanket.  Luxe loungewear is the answer to certain sartorial voids. Those hours between work and sleep. Post OOTD, pre pjs. It’s what you wear to answer … More Luxe Loungewear Edit

NEW Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette Review

It’s back! And in stock, on the website. The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette, £49, that was such a sell out last spring. Still limited edition. And what’s this? Two versions. Slightly different colour options, the choice – Seductive Beauty or Natural Beauty – is yours.    I snapped up the Seductive version, when it … More NEW Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette Review

BareMinerals Anti-Imperfection Treatment Gelée Cleanser

There are only so many Quality Streets one can dispatch before the inevitable. It happens every year. Chocolate is my nemesis, skin wise. And Christmas is prime treat time. So I’m spotty.  I’m not talking acne, just a bad case of the blemishes. No major draams but you know, annoying. I know what to do. You … More BareMinerals Anti-Imperfection Treatment Gelée Cleanser

Does Makeup Go Off?

Did you get a stash of new makeup for Chrimbo? Or buy a bunch in the sales? Maybe you fancy starting 2017 a bit more organised?  Whatever your motivation, I can thoroughly recommend a cosmetics clear out. Sounds like a boring chore, is actually super satisfying.  Because it goes off you know. And no one … More Does Makeup Go Off?

New Year New Scent

Smell is intrinsically linked to memory. The faintest waft of a certain perfume or aftershave can transport you to another time and place, an instant reminder of a celebration past. A special birthday, school days, your wedding day. If you didn’t get perfume for Christmas and fancy starting a new year with a new scent, … More New Year New Scent