Well hello! Thank you for finding my little bit of the Internet where I get to celebrate my love of beautiful things. Here we are:


30-something stay at home Mum. Used to live and work in London and wear excellent outfits. Now lives in Kent and wears black skinny jeans and grubby t-shirts, but is always smart of face. Has weakness for beauty products, candles, cushions and things made of gold. Likes to make things: dresses, paintings, baked goods, giant tissue paper flowers. Likes Christmas. 

The Husband

Still works in London wearing excellent outfits. Less enthusiastic about Christmas, but very enthusiastic about baked goods.

The Baby

Not, in fact, a baby at all, more a toddler advancing on the terrible twos. Has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Likes monkeys, Peppa Pig and spaghetti hoops.