Well hello! Thank you for finding my little bit of the Internet where I get to celebrate my love of beautiful things. Here we are:


30-something stay at home Mum. Used to live and work in London and wear excellent outfits. Now lives in Kent and wears black skinny jeans and grubby t-shirts, but is always smart of face. Has weakness for beauty products, candles, cushions and things made of gold. Likes to make things: dresses, paintings, baked goods, giant tissue paper flowers. Likes Christmas.

The Husband

Still works in London wearing excellent outfits. Less enthusiastic about Christmas, but very enthusiastic about baked goods.

Player 3

First born. Has blonde hair and big blue eyes. Very chatty. Likes dinosaurs, Peppa Pig and spaghetti hoops.

Player 4

Latest addition. Very small. Terribly jolly thus far.