My Lockdown Beauty Routine

The first week felt quite freeing. Spent it bare faced, hair in a top knot, applying all sorts of skincare lotions and potions. Removed all my nail polish too, thought they might benefit from a little polish holiday. Had visions of myself emerging from my lockdown cocoon renewed, scrubbed and strengthened and looking ten years younger.

By week two the novelty of the bare face had started to wane. The combination of no makeup, no nails and the lockdown topknot, not to mention the bobbly joggers, when worn as an ensemble created a bit of a jolt when I caught sight of myself in a reflective surface.

The following week I tried a new approach. Got up every morning and applied a full face of makeup. Only to become increasingly irritated when I then had to remove it at night. But now, in week six, I have found it, a beauty routine that works. Just enough so that I feel like me, not so much as to feel like wasted effort.


The Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50 feels like a sunscreen/moisturiser hybrid. Hydrating, sits well under makeup, have been using it as my sunscreen on all except the sunniest of days.

I actually bought a new tube of the It Cosmetics CC Cream as using up the last one made me remember how versatile it is. Mix it in with moisturiser for a super sheer application or apply two pumps for fuller coverage. I’ve been using just a little buffed into the skin with a brush.


The other makeup product I have been loving is a little cream blusher or bronzer applied to the apples of the cheeks and blended with fingers or a brush. I use the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in the shade Baked and the Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk.


Wearing perfume has been a constant due to its amazing mood lifting properties. I wear them on rotation but the Zara Emotions Amalfi Sunray is my warm weather fave. The nail polish is back on too, even though it chips instantly and needs reapplying every couple of days. But that is everything in terms of makeup. No concealer or powder. No mascara or eyeshadow, for the most part anyway. Who knows what next week will bring. I wore jeans yesterday, so anything is possible.

Til next time,



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