Tan-Luxe The Face Self-Tan Drops

If you are also a pale skinned person, would recommend applying these Tan-Luxe The Face drops with caution. Granted, I bought the Medium/Dark colour option and then decided to apply the maximum of the 1-4 drops suggested on the bottle, when clearly I am a Light/Medium variety of human. Gotta tell you, it is not a good look, the full Donald Trump complete with defined tide line at the top of my forehead. Fortunately the majority of the tide line washed off in the shower, along with some of the carroty hue. Since then, I am pleased to report, The Face and I have found our groove.

Three weeks later, I absolutely love this product. Have discovered how to make it work for me, which is 2 drops mixed with serum and applied at night every other day. This way, the face in the morning mirror looks genuinely sunkissed, the perfect golden colour, no orange in sight. Occasionally I still mess it up, by not having a day off, or applying too much or not washing my hands afterwards with the thoroughness required. You do need to take a bit of care in how you apply them. Would suggest applying the tan mixture to the centre of your face and working outwards, rather then directly to the forehead and down. I wouldn’t say that they are foolproof.

Had I bought the lighter shade option I’m sure that there would be less trial and error and more of a gradual result, in a similar manner to the Solait by Superdrug Tan Boosting Facial Serum. But I am incredibly happy with my Medium/Dark purchase and my nice brown face. I have the Anti-Age version of these drops, with added peptides, and while I don’t feel able to offer any insight regarding their effectiveness on the anti-ageing front, I will say that my skin looks hydrated when tanning products often make it look dry. Would recommend, will definitely repurchase.

Tan-Luxe The Face Anti-Age Tan Drops, £39, here.

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