Charlotte Tilbury Kim KW Lipstick Dupe

Finding a great makeup dupe is just the best. It makes me feel like I am winning at life. And I don’t use the word dupe lightly. I mean an exact match.

I was in New Look, looking at backpacks, when I spotted makeup. I mean, I’m aware that New Look has had a beauty line for a couple of years but this is definitely a relaunch. Look at this packaging.

Ooh. Rose gold, silver, white, black. It looks so slick. But I can’t find any info about it. No press coverage, no blogs, nothing from New Look save for a single Instagram post earlier this month. 

I spotted it in store, as they were setting up the stand. They were literally unpacking boxes, and I’m in the way, magpieing all over it. Swatched me some Strobe Highlighter Kit, £7.99 (promising) and Glow Highlighter Stick, £4.99 (meh). Bought me some matte lipsticks, then let the good people of New Look go about their business.  

The lipsticks are good you guys. I am shocked. I bought them, honestly, because of the pretty rose gold packaging. I didn’t have high hopes for the Matte Lipstick in Mulberry, £3.99. Dark berry colours are tricky to formulate. Even my Chanel Rouge Allure in Rouge Noir, £26, is a patchy disaster (but such a great colour, sob). And this lipstick bullet looks a bit weird. Flakey. Darker than you’d expect from the shade label (they hadn’t even put the testers out yet).

But I’m pleasantly surprised. Pretty even colour pigment, very little transfer, fades nicely. The Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Bloom, £4.99 (not on website, check instore) did have a tester and it swatched great. Such a creamy matte, and the colour, my perfect nude. 

As soon as I got home and put it on, I knew. I already own this exact lipstick. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Kim KW, £23, is the ultimate pinky matte nude. People rave about it. I own it, I like. Not super moisturising, but great colour. 

The New Look Velvet Matte Lip Crayon is a total dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury every way – colour, finish, formula, wear time. But it’s not £23. It’s £4.99. 

The New Look one swatches a touch darker on the arm, negligible when on the lips.

New Look on the left. Charlotte Tilbury on the right. Hairy ghost arm, model’s own.

My work here is done.

Til next time,




    • February 2, 2017 / 8:13 pm

      I know! Who knew, right? Hunt it down. H x

  1. Anna
    August 30, 2017 / 9:15 pm

    They don’t have this color in their online shop! 🙁

    • August 30, 2017 / 9:28 pm

      I know! Most of the shades are out of stock now, I think they might be discontinuing them. Such a shame! H x

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