What I’m Loving This Week: 10.05.20


Got some new shoes. Not sure why, they don’t feel like a hugely lockdown appropriate purchase considering that I no longer leave the house in anything other than trainers, but they are pink and make me feel exceedingly happy when I wear them indoors. Also bought a shirt, a pyjama style one that is totally lockdown appropriate and will be worn whenever I am required on Zoom.

Soft Leather Ballerinas, £19.99 (were £29.99), Zara.

Ivy Spot Print Belted Blouse, £22 (was £79), Mint Velvet.


Normal People, BBC iPlayer.

The reviews of this BBC adaptation of the Sally Rooney novel Normal People are unanimous in their reverence, so what I am about to say is clearly controversial: I found it a bit slow. Yes the two lead characters have incredible chemistry, sure it is beautifully shot, but not a lot happens in it, not really, unless you count the sex. All of the sex happens, so there is that. I think perhaps the nothingness is the point, it is a story about internal struggles and misunderstandings, which are more easily delivered via a page. I have yet to read the book, it lives inside my Kindle, possibly with my ability to concentrate and missing attention span.

Sing (2016).

If you need a film that is pure joy, one that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, I can thoroughly recommend Sing. (We also revisited Moana for the first time in a while this week and I became completely undone. Open mouthed sobbing, Coronacrying I shall call it, so now avoiding even Disney-level strife.) Sing is a riot of colour and song with amazing celebrity voiceover cameos and only very mild strife in the mix.


Red Magazine, May 2020.

The May issue of Red magazine is absolutely gorgeous, loads of brilliantly written, uplifting articles that are an easy read if your concentration span is also missing in action. Ideal with a glass of wine, face in the sun this bank holiday weekend. The magazine industry is having a tough time, if you fancy adding one to your weekly shop in support.


Le’Xpress Drinks Frother, £4.99, KitchenCraft.

If you are pining for a cappuccino but are not in possession of a fancy coffee machine, I have a solution. Enter the Le’Xpress Drinks Frother, the most pleasing of gadgets. Quick and effective at frothing milk to great heights and, my favourite thing about it, incredibly easy to clean. Also excellent at hot chocolate and milkshake frothment. The only challenge is finding one in stock.

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  1. Kairen Larsen
    May 10, 2020 / 7:17 am

    The coroncentration missing, I definitely have that one. Also thought Normal People was slow and far to reliant on sex scenes. I hear the book has more internal dialogue explaining the internal struggles.Love the shoes and shirt. XXX

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