Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter Review

I have exceptionally unruly eyebrows. They have a complete disregard for order regularly making a break for it and scattering in opposite directions. As such, when it comes to brow gel the main property I am looking for is hold. Different brow gels do different things. Many simply add colour. Others add volume and colour, or texture or separation. Whereas I will sacrifice these other talents for a brow gel that brushes hairs into place and fixes them with all it’s might.

This Benefit eye brow gel is nearly that product. It is nearly excellent. Certainly hold brows in place better than any other option I have tried. Not in a glued to your face way, pull a sweatshirt off over your head and the poor chaps don’t stand a chance, even with the Benefit, splaying themselves all over the show. But during normal course of business the Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter has them under control.

The reason that it is not excellent, where is falls down, is that it leaves a stiff white residue on brows as it dries, which is not the thing at all. Not easy to remove either, it clings on, like flakey eyebrow dandruff. I don’t know about you, but eyebrow dandruff is not my look of choice. And yet I use it, still, as it is the best that I have. Sometimes I try to colour in the eyebrow dandruff with another brow gel in a shade that matches my brows, but it is never hugely successful and not a technique I would recommend. Much like this product. Though I use it every day, my eyebrows and I would suggest you avoid.

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