Lumene Nordic-C Arctic Berry Oil Cocktail

Occasionally, a new skincare product is so good that I forgo all others and use it obsessively until it’s gone. Then, even when empty, it is put back inside the bathroom cabinet, propped upside down so any remaining product trickles down from the sides. The last resort is unscrewing the top and trying the slamming the palm of my hand technique, before admitting defeat and opening the recycling bin. That’s when I realise quite how good it was.

The Lumene Nordic-C Arctic Berry Oil Cocktail was one of those products. Loved it, loved everything about it, wanted to use it morning and night. It’s a facial oil but a light one, a formula that absorbs quickly and leaves skin glowy and nourished but without any film or stickiness. It smells fantastic. It also sits incredibly well under makeup, like a moisturiser plus glowy primer combined, but is also sufficiently hydrating to use at night.

Not only is it a pleasure to use but there was a notable difference in the texture of my skin having used it for four weeks, an improvement which gradually lessened in the weeks that followed. The ingredients list mentions various vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Not sure which of these is the golden bullet in terms of efficacy, but something works. I had the smaller size, the 15ml, which lasted about a month and is a great way to try it without committing to the full size, but lasts long enough to see results. It’s the first product I’ve tried from Scandi brand Lumene, so keen to try more from the line. Highly recommend, will definitely repurchase.

Lumene Nordic-C Arctic Berry Oil Cocktail, £17.90 for 15ml, here.

Lumene Nordic-C Arctic Berry Oil Cocktail, £29.90 for 30ml, here.

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