When In Spain

If you want wicker basket envy, go to a Spanish beach. Cannot move for wicker. One at the end of every towel. I feel most left out. Well, not anymore. Discovered an entire town of… View Post

Send Chocolate

Exhaustion, proper exhaustion, is the strangest thing. There is a cup of tea next to me and I have no idea how it got there. I made it, I must have as I’m the only… View Post

Thoughts On: Matching Mugs

The day I threw out the mugs. Nothing has tested the patience of my husband more than the day I threw out the mugs. That is not why I threw them out, to test his… View Post

Thoughts On: Becoming Vegetarian

Have you seen the documentary Blackfish? If not, would highly recommend. It’s about Sea World and killer whales. Interesting. Interesting but confronting. Requires you to make some decisions. Question what you consider to be acceptable… View Post

Thoughts On: TV Disputes

Not a falling out as such. No actual barney or cross words exchanged. This dispute is a quiet one. Silent despair. The televisual viewing preferences of my husband and I differ dramatically you see. It… View Post