The Ordinary Vitamin C Review

Texture is the issue. This Vitamin C serum from affordable skincare brand The Ordinary is a bit gritty. You know when you’re on the beach and sand gets mixed with your suncream? It feels like… View Post

The QVC Beauty Box

QVC is a new discovery. I had thought it was a daytime TV shopping channel, selling genuine diamanté jewellery with a lovely mock-gold finish à la Julian in Bridget Jones’s Diary. I mean, maybe it… View Post

Kiko Mini Divas Lipsticks

Too cute. The Kiko Mini Divas Lipsticks are just irresistible. Look how tiny and gold they are! Adorbs. Not only are they the cutest, the shades are spot on. I picked up 01 Practical Rose,… View Post

The Supermarket Miracle Conditioner 

Brushing my hair after it’s been washed is not a good time. Tangle city. I have my methods. Intensive conditioning treatments. Brushing them through with a Tangle Teezer. Using a microfibre hair towel, a Wet… View Post

The Brilliant £1 Brow Powder 

If you want to look younger, fill in your eyebrows. It makes so much difference to your face. Plus, big brows are in. So if you’ve plucked them into tadpoles, or are naturally sparse of… View Post