The Brilliant £1 Brow Powder 

Makeup Obsession Brow Powder

If you want to look younger, fill in your eyebrows. It makes so much difference to your face. Plus, big brows are in. So if you’ve plucked them into tadpoles, or are naturally sparse of brow, try faking it.

There are stacks of brow products on the market – pencils, crayons, markers, wax, gel, pomade – but the easiest and most natural looking is powder. 

Makeup Obsession Brow Powder in Medium Brown

Though not all brow powders are created equal. Too soft, too pigmented, too red. Colour is the most important factor. Rather than matching your hair colour, you need to choose a grey – light grey if you are fair, dark if not. All other colours look red when applied to the brows. I don’t know why. Weird brow science. 
The Best Brow Powder

My favourite brow powder is a bargain, and currently on offer at Boots for £1. A pound! Not every shade is a winner, but the Makeup Obsession Brow Duo Powder in Medium Brown will work for almost everyone. This duo has two shades, a light grey and a dark grey, which can be mixed. Use an angled brush like the Morphe Angle Liner Spoolie Brush, £3.50, to fill in, then the wand to brush through. 

Morphe Angle Liner Spoolie Brush

Makeup Obsession Brow Duo Powder in Medium Brown, currently £1 (usual price £2) now at Boots

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