DIY Tribal Print Wrapping Paper

Brown paper is the only wrapping you ever need! Grab a couple of Sharpies, and hey presto, unique DIY wrapping paper.  The equipment: Brown craft paper. I buy mine on a roll, from Amazon. Sharpies,… View Post

In Search Of: The Perfect Sofa Bed

One of the challenges of an inflated housing market is a shortage of space. We’re all a bit squished in. So we need more from less. Enter, the sofa bed! The most versatile of furnishings, a… View Post

DIY Copper Pumpkins

Little effort, big impact. Hello copper pumpkins!  One super speedy, inexpensive way to add a bit of Halloween chic to your home. And it’s so easy! I forgot the best bit. Easy. Nothing ambitious, no skill… View Post

DIY Marbled Mugs

I decided to make marbled mugs. I’d seen the marbled nail trend, and thought no way. But mugs, yeah I can cope with mugs. They look easy. Plus, I already have all the ingredients in… View Post

DIY Copper Flowers

I’m always a bit sad when flowers die (not least because it means I have to wash the vase). But you know what isn’t sad? Copper. It’s just such a happy colour! So here, one… View Post