In Search Of: The Perfect Jumpsuit

I see people, other people, wearing jumpsuits and looking fabulous and I too want in on the jumpsuit life. The most practical of outfits for chasing small people through tunnels in soft play, no hoisting, no potential for things coming untucked and inadvertently flashing midriff that resembles cold porridge. Practical, relaxed, the perfect partner for a pre hair wash day Mum bun. Outfit nirvana.

Trying them on, however, always reveals a fatal flaw. I am not a particularly tall person, standing at a rather average five foot six inches. Maybe I am an exceptionally long torsoed person, with stumpy little legs, like a dachshund. Whatever it is, jumpsuits do not fit me. Too short in the body. Always. Have tried sizing up and still, camel toe hungry bum with the potential for a side of thrush. No thanks clothing Gods, that is not the vibe.

Nearly bought an acid wash denim boilersuit from the Topshop Tall range, but eventually sent it back. Would have required at last half a foot to be hacked off the legs and ultimately was a little too long in the body which caused it to bunch up and sit a bit strangely in the shoulders. The equivalent in the regular Topshop range was too small in one size, too large in another.

Enter Mango and this little jumpsuit of dreams. It isn’t a perfect fit, could still use a tad more material in the length, but love it so much that I am prepared to overlook it (though if it shrinks in the wash I will be in trouble). Went for a Large in order to get the fit in the body and would have been tempted to try an Extra Large to compare but, prepare to be shooketh, Large is the biggest size that they make. For reference, I wear a UK size 12. Shaky head waggy finger to you Mango and your terrible sizing, massive fail on the inclusivity front.

Admonishments delivered, I will say that it is made of the best denim, 100% cotton, soft not stiff, and the popper jacket style design makes my heart sing. It’s part of the Committed range, a new line from Mango that creates garments using sustainable fibres and processes, reducing their environmental impact. Sizing bad, sustainability better, design superb.

Mango Belt Denim Jumpsuit, £59.99, here.

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