The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week

Did you know that you are only supposed to drink water from the kitchen tap? Because the kitchen tap comes from the mains and the rest of the taps in your house come from a tank that might have no lid and dead birds in it or something and is therefore not fit for human consumption. This has blown my mind. I simply cannot be the only person to whom this is Brand New Information. Though actually there are loads of things that other adult humans seem to know but I am yet to grasp, like how to drive on motorways or correctly pronounce the word segue.

I happened upon this information because my husband tells me off for filling up my water glass in the bathroom and I thought he was a fool so told my dad on him but it turns out that he is an evil genius and I am the moron who’s been drinking dead bird water. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week…


Flipz. Crunchy, salty, chocolately snacks are my bag. As a student my Sunday night snack of choice was a packet of Chocolate Buttons and a packet of Hoola Hoops mixed together in a bowl. Nutritious. Flipz are my latest squeeze on the treat front, the grown up equivalent of the Button/Hoola Hoop mashup. Sort of wish they didn’t exist, such is their power to derail my healthy eating efforts. Well they don’t really exist in my house, vanishing instantaneously.


Russian Doll, Netflix. I love this show. Nadia, a chain smoking Jewish New Yorker, is stuck reliving her 36th birthday, Groundhog Day-style. She dies at the end of it only to find herself back in the bathroom of her friend’s East Village loft, at her birthday party. A ketamine-laced joint is the prime suspect for her predicament. Nadia is pure caustic wit and charisma with rockstar hair. The actress who plays her is incredible but am resisting the urge to Google her for fear of spoilers.

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