SS/19 Bag Trends

Summer crossbody bags 2019

Would you like to meet my new bag? She’s sitting here so patiently, waiting for the sun to come out. Is there anything more summery than a slightly impractical bag made out of raffia or macrame or shells? No there is not. On that note, I have a prediction for you. Wooden bags. Think that bags made of wood will be massive this Spring/Summer. 2019’s answer to the round wicker bag.

Not really, don’t know anything about Spring/Summer bag trends, am basing this solely on the fact that I bought one. Well technically I didn’t buy it, it was a gift, from my husband for our 5 year wedding anniversary. Wood, you see. And we need new chopping boards so I sent him a link, headed him off at the pass, before the inevitable happened. (If you’re stuck for 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas, I got him this wooden watch from Fresh For Pandas. It is rather lovely and has been very well received.)

Summer bags 2019Spring summer 2019 bag trends Wooden clutch bag

Instagram is going to be a sea of slatted wooden bags this summer, mostly half moon clutches and circle bags I reckon. So this one feels a bit different. Boxy, just the right size. Fortunately she has a very sensible solid base with no gaps between the slats. Had visions of my iPhone plummeting to an untimely death. She’s currently in the wardrobe, biding her time until sandal season. It’s coming. Am ready and waiting with my impractical but jaunty bag. The rosé is on ice. Can almost smell the suncream.

Wooden bag zara

Dark Brown Slatted Wooden Shoulder Bag, £32.99, from New Look here.

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  1. Kairen Larsen
    March 26, 2019 / 9:01 am

    What a lovely gift!

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