The H Edit: What I’m Loving This Week


Buying is cancelled pals, am on a serious, self-imposed No Buy for the whole of March. However. For the majority of this week we were still in February, so a couple of bits snuck in. The first, trainers. I bought some. Not the M&S pleather Veja-a-likes but different ones, from M&S but real leather, though still highly inspired by Veja it must be said. And, AND, I have actually worn them, already. Look! This is them, on my actual feet! Success.

M&S Collection Leather Lace-up Trainers, £49.50, here.


Have gone full 90s throwback, high rise jeans and cropped tee shirts topped with the most 90s of all accessories, the scrunchie. Bought a two-pack, these leopardy ASOS ones, and not sure how I ever lived without them. A scrunchie is the thing I never knew I needed. Need to tie my hair up at night, scrunchie. Ponytail, scrunchie. Super quick topknot, scrunchie. Actually a topknot is where a scrunchie comes into its own, makes the whole thing look a bit more intentional.


My February Beauty Pie order arrived, within it the Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion, £9.12 members price (£70 non-members price). Now this feels high end. Even the packaging, the box is made from textured white card with pink lining, the jar plastic but weighty, white with a black lid, more than a hint of Chanel. And the product inside is very interesting indeed. First impressions, would say it is incredibly similar to the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and I like it.

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