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H&M Makeup Review

H&M beauty might be a thing. When I say thing I mean ridiculously good makeup that no one is talking about. You may remember that I bought one of their blushers, on a complete whim, and it is excellent, a total dupe for the bestselling NARS Orgasm blush. Well. I bought another. Purely for research purposes you understand. And same story, also great, the perfect formula, as nice as any high-end blush.

H&M Beauty Review

H&M Blusher Review H&M Blush Review

Then I bought a lipstick. It was on sale, £3.99, worth a shot. Now I am fussy about lipstick. I like Clinique, I like Chanel, I like NARS. I have a No7 one that is super, but in the main I like the spenny stuff. Lipstick tends to be a product that is worth paying more for.

I love this H&M lipstick. It’s the shade Seashell in their Cream formula. So good. The formula is fantastic, creamy, opaque, moisturising, flattering, doesn’t smell or taste weird. Lasts well. Comes in a cute gold bullet.

H&M Cosmetics QualityH&M Makeup Review 2018

I will be trying more. Lipsticks and the rest. There’s a liquid highlighter that’s calling my name. Gonna try a bronzer too. H&M, who knew?

H&M Powder Blushers in Cameo Pink and Golden Peach, £8.99 each, here. H&M Cream Lipsticks, £8.99, here.

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