La Redoute Kids

Thank goodness I became a parent in the digital age. How did people cope before the advent of online shopping? The supermarket, sure, into a trolley out with the rice cakes, have done it when needs must. But clothes shopping? Chasing them round C&A hurling anything Age 3-4 into a basket and hoping for the best? Hard pass.

Going shopping with my age 3-4 year old is not a good time. So we are on rather good terms with the delivery man and his wares. (Once, I was trying to sleep the baby when the door went so ignored it. Came out to find Ruby at the bottom of the stairs holding a giant ASOS bag. I didn’t know she could reach the door handle. Did she sign for it do you think?)

Online retailer La Redoute, of the famous rug, also sell clothes. Do you know about the famous rug? So popular that it has its own Instagram account – @the_la_redoute_rug. Anyway. If, like me, you discovered La Redoute homeware via interiors and styling sites (or, err, Instagram), you might be surprised to learn that they also sell clothes. Specifically, very cute kids clothes.

They might also sell great womenswear, couldn’t say, am yet to open that Pandora’s box. But the kids bits are so lovely that it won’t be long. Does this parka come in grown up size because WANT IT.

It’s already reasonably priced, but there is currently 40% off all clothing to further sweet the deal.

La Redoute, here.

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