The £1.49 Aldi Beauty Sponge

They look mighty similar, but this Aldi Blending Sponge is nothing like the Beautyblender. If you’d clocked the likeness and we’re hoping for a dupe – this ain’t that. They feel totally different. The Beautyblender is soft and squishy, whereas this Aldi number is incredibly firm.

The Aldi sponge feels very similar in texture to the Brushworks sponges, if you’ve used those. And it applies foundation surprisingly well. Fast and even, and doesn’t soak up too much product. Because it’s made of such firm foam the pointed end is quite stiff, which makes it handy for blending out tricky spots like around the nose or under the eyes.

Unfortunately, it has the same issue as the Brushworks sponges. You just cannot get it clean. I washed it immediately after first use and though I gave it several goes it still had stains. Use it for about a week and it starts to feel very grubby indeed, despite washing it every day.

So you need a new one every week. Which, though terrible for the environment, isn’t actually cost prohibitive. Because it’s only £1.49. And I’ve done the makeup maths. The Beautyblender lasts around 2 months, if you are diligent about cleaning it. And is £17, or 28p per day. Keep this £1.49 Aldi sponge for a week and it works out at 21p per day.

Though I cannot in good conscience recommend using such a disposable beauty product. I know, I know. All beauty sponges are disposable. But a week is outrageous. Think of the planet you guys! Just no. But maybe for a holiday? Up to you.

Aldi Lacura Pink Beauty Sponge, £1.49, here.

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