Moisturiser For People Who Hate Moisturising

Face, sure. Twice a day, everyday. Wouldn’t dream of skipping it. The face gets moisturised religiously. The body, not so much.

When I say not so much, I really mean hardly ever. A few times a year maybe. Just cannot be bothered. I don’t like the sticky feeling. Nor the effort it takes. All that rubbing.

Winter is not the time. Is there a worse feeling than pulling tights or jeans on over freshly moisturised legs? Summer is when the body might see some moisturiser action. May chuck a bit in the general direction of my shins should they be looking particularly parched and I’m wearing a frock.

Those of you who moisturise diligently post shower or bath, this product might not be for you. Post-gym maybe. But really, this is moisturiser for people like me. Moisturiser for people who hate moisturising.

It just makes the process so very quick and easy. It has a spray that disperses the product so finely that hardly any rubbing is required. And that spray is continuous and works upside down making the back of the legs no effort at all. It absorbs completely and quickly, but still feels like it’s added something in the hydration department. Plus it smells like chocolate and costs less than a fiver.

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Spray Moisturiser, £4, here.

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