M&S Formula Cleansing Oil

Am a fully fledged cleansing oil convert. Had previously favoured balm cleansers as my makeup removal method of choice. But the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil changed everything.

I love the DHC one hard. When it ran out, I wanted to replace it immediately. This is a big deal. Not a lot of beauty products get repurchased in my house. I like trying new things, in case something better exists. Particularly, something better but cheaper.

Not that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is costly. It’s actually a reasonable £24 for 200ml. So choosing a replacement was tricky. It had big shoes to fill.

Decided on this, the M&S Formula Cleansing Oil. I really like the M&S Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream you see, so thought I’d try out more of the Formula range.

I use an eye makeup remover to loosen mascara, then this oil for the rest. And it does a great job. Rub it in then remove with a hot flannel and it takes everything off. Everything, on first go too. That’s the sign of a good cleanser. Some need a second go before I’d safely dry my face in my new jazzy towels without fear of smudges. It also leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

The Jazzy Towels

Smells a bit funky. Not bad funky, just rather green if you know what I mean. Like the way that some foods taste rather healthy. When really you just want Maltesers.

I really like it. Not as much as the DHC. It’s thinner, less luxurious. But splendid for a tenner.

M&S Formula Cleansing Oil, £10 for 150ml, here.

Full DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review here.

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