This Shampoo Costs £5 And Is Incredible

Claudia Winkleman. Of the epic fringe. Claudia gives good hair. She glossy. Watched an interview with her, in which she was asked for her shiny hair secrets. What did she say? Head & Shoulders.

Head & Shoulders? I thought. A likely story. Claudia must have such excellent hair genes that she can use any old products and still look lovely. Still, decided to give it a go. Worth a punt at least.

Though I didn’t exactly rush out and buy it. In fact, the months ticked by. I didn’t forget about Shiny Claudia and the Head & Shoulders, I just didn’t get round to it. Too busy trying other things. Or as it shall be know henceforth, busy wasting my precious cash on things that are twice the price and half as good.

Until now. Bought it. Picked it up with the weekly shop. Have been using it for a couple of weeks and it is a revelation. This stuff is incredible. I never really thought that shampoo made much difference, am all about conditioner. But this shampoo makes my hair so soft. You can feel it working as you lather. It feels nourishing. Silky.

Not sure I’ll ever have glossy locks. Too much bleach, too much heat damage. But the Head & Shoulders definitely does something in the smoothing department. Makes it easier to brush after washing. And generally makes my hair look a bit better.

Claudia was quite definite about it needing to be the lavender one, which is the Nourishing Care version for dry hair. £4.99 for a huge bottle, 500ml (here).

Head & Shoulders. Who knew?

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