DIY Cushion Foundation 

DIY Cushion Foundation

Ever since Benefit discontinued the marvellous Some Kind-A Gorgeous compact foundation, I’ve been searching for an on-the-go alternative. Not so much for travel, but for touch ups, day to night, that kinda thing. But finding a compact foundation that I like is a challenge. One that isn’t too matte, too cakey or dry.

Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundations however, look like just the thing. Liquid foundation in portable form. The YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation, £36, looks great (and the compact pleasingly showy). But when I check it out instore the coverage seems so light, so not what I’m after. Same story with the Dior, the Lancôme, the L’Oréal too. Not convinced. 

So I decided on a trial run. A test case. A DIY Cushion Foundation. Ordered an empty compact from Amazon for less than four quid (£3.59 with free P+P here but prepare to wait a long time for delivery). Then got to mixing. 

A Korean beauty trend, cushion foundations traditionally contain a mix of products: sunscreen, skincare and colour. Which might explain the lighter coverage. The beauty of a DIY version is that you can combine all your favourite products. Foundation + suncream. BB Cream + serum. The choice is yours. 

Not wanting to dilute the coverage, I went for foundation, but did mix two to get the perfect shade. And I absolutely love it. Forget touch ups, this is how I apply my foundation every day now. Dip your brush straight in and apply. No makeuppy hands. Quick, easy and mess free. 

You get the perfect amount of product evenly distributed across your brush. Which makes it impossible to apply too much. And let me tell you, several very thin layers of foundation look so much better than one thick layer blended in. It’s a makeup epiphany. 

I wouldn’t use your most expensive skincare or foundation. The cushion definitely drinks a bit of product. But other than that, it’s a total win. 

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  1. September 12, 2017 / 10:23 pm

    This is such a cool idea. I mix my tinted moisturiser with a few drops of tan occasionally. I squeeze out my tinted moisturiser in a circle on the back of my hand then fill the middle with tan and mix it up, bit of a random way of doing it! I need to get one of those pots you have!

    Lovely idea, thanks for sharing!

    Samantha x

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