The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review

These new foundations from The Ordinary are a bit tricky. Not getting on too well with them at all. Received the serum foundation first and it just wasn’t for me. Very sheer coverage and drying. Not a great combo. 

The Ordinary Colours Foundation Review

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation, £5.90, has a thicker consistency than the serum version but the same light, velvety feel on the skin. Like the serum formula, a little goes a long way. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends my friends. Because it got issues

Applied with a brush it goes on super streaky, and sits on the skin rather than blending into it. Brush marks everywhere

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation in Shade 1.1N

Apply it with fingers and similar story. It’s like you’re smearing streaky colour pigment around your face. When you finally get to the point where the streaks are gone, so has all the coverage. Barely a tint left. Except for the bits clinging to dry patches and hairs. Oh yeah, that downy hair you have on your face? Makes that stand out real nice. 

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Swatch in 1.1N

A damp beauty sponge seems to be the most successful method of application, as you avoid the streaking and can build the coverage to a light medium. Though it doesn’t help with the dryness, the caking around the nose, the settling into fine lines. 

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Swatch

I really gave it a shot. Tried to make it work. Exfoliated my face, used a rich moisturiser underneath, tried several different brushes. I can’t make it look good. The worst of both worlds – very little coverage that looks very obviously like foundation. 

A pass from me. 

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