ELF Blush & Bronzer Duo

Elf Blush Bronzer Review

Look at this little duo from e.l.f. It looks swish, no? Expensive. More than a hint of Nars. Plus the colour selection in this one, the e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia, £5, is gorgeous. One bronzer, one golden peachy blush. Quite an unusual combo for the drugstore, the inclusion of that blusher colour rather than your standard bubblegum pink. 

Elf Contouring and Bronzing Powder St Lucia

The only issue is that the colours do not match those shown on the box, which adds a little Russian roulette dimension to the shopping process. So look out for that. The e.l.f. brand is widely available across the US (with international shipping) and has just been picked up by Superdrug in the UK. Have yet to see it instore, but it’s online now. 

Elf Blush and Bronzing Duo St Lucia

The bronzer has a slight red undertone and is very pigmented, but actually blends pretty well for such a punchy formula. Red toned bronzers aren’t my favourite, but can look great brushed across the forehead and down the nose, for a just jumped off a boat in Cannes vibe. Yachty. 

Elf Blush and Bronzer St Lucia

The blusher swatch made me nervous. Glitter. Lots of. And you can see glitter on the face, but that glitter is so fine and so gold that I don’t mind it at all. And the colour is beautiful, the perfect peachy counterpart to the ruddy bronzer. The colour selection feels very well curated. Go e.l.f. The blusher formula is also fab, blendable and long-wearing. 

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Swatch

Perfect beach-holiday bronzer. And a bargain. 

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