Makeup Obsession Haul

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow Palette

Deal alert. Spend £15 on Makeup Obsession at Boots and get a free large palette. The large palette has space for 12 singles, just pop them right on in. Decisions

Makeup Obsession Palette

If you haven’t tried anything from Makeup Obsession, carpe diem my friends. It’s a great brand. I took them up on their jolly nice offer and had myself a little Makeup Obsession Haul – made a few repurchases, plus some newness. Wanna see? 

Makeup Obsession Highlighter


Let me personally and effusively vouch for the following (above, from top, clockwise): 

Makeup Obsession Contour

Live out your holographic highlight dreams, carve out those cheekbones, and prep your eye look with the perfect base and transition shades.

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow


Ooh. Newness. Above, from top left, clockwise:

Makeup Obsession Brand

Check out those brow colours! Promising. Not a hint of warm undertones here. Red brows begone.  

Makeup Obsession Palette

Happy shopping,



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