What the Hygge?

It’s everywhere. In my inbox, on the front of books in Oliver Bonas. What is this Hygge? Do I want it? I think I might want it. From what I can tell, it’s essentially candles and porridge, so you can count me in. 

Supposedly, it’s an art form. There are books, loads of them, on How to Hygge. And I’m already quite excellent at candles and porridge. I’m clearly missing something.

A little light reading anyone?

First off, pronunciation. I don’t know how to say it, but apparently no one does. Hue-gah. Or Hur-gir. Hoo-gah maybe. He-oo-gah? I mean. Let’s just never say it out loud.

As I understand it, Hygge is a Danish word for a state of happiness. The type of happiness found by getting cosy with loved ones, enjoying simple things and generally just having a nice, relaxed time.

Well sign me up. I’ll Hygge. Let’s Hygge together (a group-Hygge if you will).

The White Company catalogue man is well Hygge

It’s basically a nice atmosphere, no? The warm and fuzzies. I think Christmas probably comes with built-in Hygge. You can try and pass it off as wellness but the Danes love a booze. I bet red wine features here somewhere. And pastries. It’s beginning to sound very excellent indeed. And so, to my indispensable…


Cold weather:

No one is ever ‘snug’ or ‘cosy’ in summer. No, it’s totes a winter thing. How timely

Luxe loungewear:

It’s impossible to be completely comfortable in skinny jeans and a Bardot top. You need joggers. Grey, cuffed ones, preferably with a silky ribbon drawstring. I bought these from M&S but they went saggy at the knees. 


Invite them round. Dinner parties are totes Hygge. Particularly if you all wear slippers. Just don’t talk politics or get drunk and knock over the Christmas tree. Causing a scene, un-Hygge.


Candlelight is Hygge-essential. My favourite are Gatehouse Candles, from £5.50 for a votive to £45 for a huge three wick. Long burn time, made by a lady round the corner from me and one of the best things I’ve ever bought from a stall. The scent combinations and throw are on a par with candles three times the price. Also come with a wooden lid that doubles as a coaster. Lavender, Camomile and Vanilla is particularly good. National delivery is fixed at £1.99.

Alternatively, the M&S Mandarin, Clove & Cinammon Scented Candle, £12, is glorious. A large, three wick glass candle with a shiny gold lid. Smells fantastic. Included in the 3 for 2 gifts offer. International shipping. 

Food and drink:

Being hungry is anti-Hygge. To be en Hygge you need to indulge a little. Treat yourself. Extra points for drinking hot chocolate wearing a chunky knit. Particularly if you Instagram it.

And there we have it. Hygge is essentially hanging out with people you like, wearing comfy clothes, in dimmed lighting. Sounds simply lovely to me.

Til next time,



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