New! Makeup Obsession by Live Love London

New. Brand spanking new. Not just one product, a whole new beauty brand. I spotted it in Boots. And it’s not just new – it’s different. Innovative. Exciting.

Makeup Obsession by Live Love London launched in October, exclusive to Boots, and is unlike anything else on the high street. If you saw Makeup Obsession Fill & Customise Palettes then you know – everything is sold individually. 

Eyeshadow, blush, highlight, contour and strobe. You pick an empty palette, you pick your chosen shades, and you slot them right on in there. Just the colours you like. All killer no filler. 

And it’s really affordable. £2 for eyeshadows, £3 for everything else. But is it any good?

The short answer is yes. Let’s start with the packaging. I chose the Makeup Obsession Medium Palette Luxe Gold Obsession, £6, and I like it. Plastic but not at all flimsy, and what’s this? A good quality mirror. Yessss. I had mine engraved for £3 at Boots Emporium

The pans pop out of their individual packaging and into the palette with a satisfying clunk. Once in, they feel really secure and sit flush – you’d never know they clip in and out. 

Easy to get out too, just push up through the holes in the bottom. Low smash risk. I’m quite amazed at how luxe it all feels.

And the makeup? Also good. The strobes are cream, and the Strobe Balm S103 Precious swatches blue, in the best way – like an icy firework, or a mermaid tail, but not unwearably so. It’s mermaid highlight. 

Contour comes in cream and powder and there are cool toned shades plus bronzing shades. The blushers include some apricoty, goldey shades that are usually the preserve of more premium brands. 

I decided to try out eyeshadows, as a starting point, and six shadows later (OK, five plus one highlighter, I couldn’t help myself) we have ourselves a palette! What do you think?

Three mattes on the top row, three shimmers on the bottom. All great. The mattes, E132 Pearl, E131 Mood, E104 Denim, blend perfectly, good colour pigment. 

Denim is odd. I bought it thinking navy liner, but it’s actually vivid aqua green. You can build it up to dark blue, but then fall out becomes a problem. And when you blend it, oh, bright turquoise again.

The bottom row, E109 Champagne, H106 Gold (highlight), E107 Rare, are beauties. Gold is a straight up gleaming sunbeam of a highlighter, no glitter, just a golden sheen. Also nice as an eyeshadow when used wet. 

Rare is an awesome red eyeshadow (which is rare as reds are difficult to formulate), not too pigmented, layers well, though has some fall out.

Champagne was a recommendation from one of the lovely girls at Boots, and she was spot on, looks meh in the pan, fab on the face. Ace on the lid, under the brow bone and on the cheekbones. I’ve been using it mixed with H106 Gold, and living my highlight dreams. 

So there we have it, feel free to consider this a rave review. Makeup Obsession doesn’t have everything, no matte purple for example, and the emerald shimmer eyeshadow swatched patchy, but what I have, I love. Even the turquoise shadow that’s pretending to be navy.

I will definitely buy more. The ultimate endorsement. Probably tomorrow.

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  1. K Larsen
    November 4, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    That looks great.. just off to Boots!

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