Boots Emporium Christmas 2016

I can explain. I know it’s October. I know we haven’t had Halloween yet, let alone Bonfire Night, and here I am, trying to talk about Christmas. Just hear me out. 

I’m talking Christmas presents. More specifically, Christmas shopping. I’m sure even the most festive souls would admit to finding the task a teeny bit stressful. So it makes sense to get a head start on the whole shindig, spread the time and financial pressures, pull the Christmas rip cord. Make a start now. In October.

I fully intend to have the entire thing sewn up by 1st December, leaving the rest of the month free for mulling wine and eating mince pies. But I do want my gifts to be epic. So I need something new.

Boots the Chemist, that stalwart of Christmas gifting, have done just that, with their Emporium. I had seen it in their Christmas gift guide, but it wasn’t until I saw it in store that I realised just how good it is. Personalisation is the name of the game, via engraving, printing or wrapping.  

One option is Build Your Own Gift, £25, where you pick 3 minis from a selection of Estée Lauder and Benefit beauty products, and they box it all up for you. 

Build Your Own Gift at Boots Emporium


Or you can choose a gift, then have it personalised with engraving for just £3 (however long your message, no price per letter here). And they engrave on many, many things – perfume bottles, make up brushes, razors, lipsticks. If your item isn’t engraveable (totally a word), they can engrave onto a plaque which can be stuck on instead.

Engraving at Boots Emporium

Wrapping paper and ribbons can be personalised with photos and messages. You can print an image or catchphrase onto a washbag, and add an engraved plaque. You can build your own makeup palette (on which much more here ). Or add a name to a body butter for a great Secret Santa gift.

Personalisation at Boots Emporium

All you need is some imagination. Price is no limiting factor here – think super stocking fillers as well as showstoppers. 

Sometimes, you just need to get the first gift locked down, and then you find yourself on a roll. And before you know it, gifts sorted. No more queuing at the fragrance counter on Christmas Eve when you could be watching Love Actually and drinking Baileys. Wouldn’t that be a Christmas miracle. 

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