Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

Beauty Pie Japan Fusion Cleanser Review

Have been using this cleanser for several months now but am yet to review it, properly, in a dedicated post. The main reason I think, is that I struggle to articulate what it is about it that I really like. But like it I do, very much. Have a lot of cleansers and this is the one I reach for the most. Which is the ultimate endorsement, if you think about it. No explanation required.

The other reason for my reluctance to review it is that I’ve reviewed a lot of Beauty Pie products recently and it is, after all, a members club. Is it terribly irritating to read Beauty Pie reviews if you aren’t a member? Answers on a postcard. (Please don’t actually send me those sorts of postcards, my thin skin would never cope.)

Beauty Pie Japan Fusion ReviewBeauty Pie Cleanser Review

Not only is it the cleanser I reach for the most, it’s one I frequently repurchase. Currently on tube number three. Speaking of tubes, the packaging is a major plus point, not just the millennial pink, though who isn’t a sucker for that. More the practicality of it. Like a giant toothpaste tube. Lid off and squeeze. No unscrewing jars or pots or having to get stuff under your nails. Well easy.

The other thing I love is the texture and, true to it’s name, the transformative nature of the stuff. When you first start to rub it in, to a dry face, it feels like a cream, like rubbing in a moisturiser. But just at the point where a moisturiser would begin to disappear it morphs into this whole other thing, a brand new product, one that is slippery and oily but not so much that it feels greasy or starts to drip off your face. Should you want you can then add water and it transforms again, into a milk. I don’t do that bit, emulsifying it with water, as then it runs down the arms and drips off the elbows which displeases me. I take a hot flannel direct to it at the oily phase and wipe it off. At which point your face feels really clean but without any residue or feeling tight or squeaky. You know, cleansed. Recommend.

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Review

Beauty Pie Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, £5.80 (members price, £25 non-members price), here.

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