Wardrobe Stories: Bra Free and Loving Life

No bra no problem

Have had what you might call a lightbulb moment. You know the feeling when you take your bra off at the end of day? Best thing ever, right? Which got me thinking. I do not enjoy wearing a bra. Hate it, in fact. And the lightbulb moment is thus: wearing a bra is not compulsory. So I’ve stopped.

Before you say anything, yes I am sure that I’ve been wearing the right size and no I don’t care if one day my tits are in my shoes. Went to Rigby & Peller once, supplier of undergarments to the Queen herself. It was quite a hands on experience – they size by eye and fit by hand – fortunately I am not shy. Though honestly, would wager that HRH actually gets her undies from M&S like everyone else.

In terms of practicalities, I just wear a tight vest, not one of those with hidden support or anything though that could be a great option. Granted, going bra-free is not for everyone. Can completely understand why some people feel more comfortable wearing a bra than not. Just not me. The crazy thing is why I’d never stopped to think about why I was wearing one. I just put one on, every morning, like a robot and have been doing so for more than half of my life.

Bra free living Bra free movement

The decision to stop doing that sort of happened naturally. Stopped breastfeeding a few months ago, now none of my bras fit. And I really don’t want to buy new ones. So have ditched them and it’s great, truly liberating. Cannot think of a single downside. Greater comfort, less washing. You might see the outline of a nipple through my clothes on occasion. Sure the world will cope.

Listen, not saying I’ll never wear a bra again just that it will be an active choice rather than a default. Still wear sports bras, for obvious reasons. Am mildly interested in a bralet, should I locate one that fits properly and looks nice and achieves the requisite comfort threshold.

It has made me stop and think about how many other things we do out of habit or convention that bring us little to no joy and serve no real purpose. Not pants, don’t worry, am very fond of pants. Actively enjoy putting on makeup, am not a slave to the patriarchy on that front I assure you. But bras? Not for me.

What to wear instead of a bra

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