Beauty Pie Review: One Year of Membership

Beauty Pie Reviews 2019

One whole year has passed since I joined the beauty membership club Beauty Pie. Twelve pink boxes filled with beauty swag and a hashtag that encourages you to #POSTYOURPIE. So I thought it might be worth a revisit. Am I still loving it? Should you sign up? What would I recommend? And the biggest question of them all. Is it worth it? Here it is, my thoughts on Beauty Pie one year in.

Beauty Pie Reviews 2019Beauty Pie Skincare Reviews


The colour cosmetics are good, but none of the makeup has achieved must have status for me. That’s not to say there aren’t makeup items I would recommend. But the skincare? Different situation. When it comes to Beauty Pie, skin is the thing. A fantastic range of products that rival premium brands. Cleansers and serums and moisturisers with sublime textures that are a joy to use and give real results. Products I repurchase over and over again, so much so that my Beauty Pie skincare wishlist just grows and grows as I need all of my allowance for old faves. Which is why…


Your monthly membership fee allows you to buy the products but how much product depends on how much you pay – your spending is capped. What this means in practice is that you have to save up to get the good stuff. Which you can do as your allowance rolls over if you don’t use it. All fine, expect that on saving months you pay your membership fee and get nothing in return. A little annoying, right? Of course there are other options, ways to avoid this. You can upgrade your membership and get a bigger allowance. Just, you know, annoying.

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The Beauty Pie marketing strategy is firmly aimed at acquisition rather than retention. Maybe retention looks after itself. I’m still signed up, aren’t I? But it’s new customers that get the offers, the discount codes, the extra allowance and the freebies. Even the website is dedicated to new customers, prepare to navigate a host of pop ups in your quest for the Sign In section.


Really good. And not just the skincare, have been thoroughly enjoying a Beauty Pie fragrance and recently bought the travel makeup brush set which is so good that I now want to explore the full brush range. I like their beauty sponges. And I really like the packaging, how nice all the products look with their minimalist design when lined up on your bathroom shelf.


Despite having some hero products achieve mainstream attention – Japanfusion Cleanser anyone? – the Beauty Pie team are not resting on their laurels. There are regular new products launches, with new lines and even new categories: this year they have launched self-tan, haircare and body care ranges. A travel makeup bag is in the offing, the perfect partner for the aforementioned travel brush set, plus a new fragrance and some cream blushers. Which come to think of it, is the best retention strategy of them all.


Get the good stuff. The skincare with the active ingredients that perform just like the ones from SpaceNK. Factor in the extra costs, the membership fee and the delivery charges, be realistic about the actual price of each item as it’s not exactly what it says on the invoice. All told, I feel like it is worth it for me. I use at least one Beauty Pie product every single day. And have done for an entire year. If you like skincare products, I think it could be worth it for you too.

What brand is beauty pie Beauty Pie Japanfusion Cleanser Review


Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser (£5.87): my favourite cleanser of them all, highstreet or high end (full review HERE).

Jeju AM/PM Daily Moisture Superinfusion (£8.87): don’t let the name confuse you, this is a moisturiser, one with a gorgeous texture that can be used either as a night cream or as a base for makeup, incredibly similar to the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (full review HERE).

Super Retinol Anti-Aging Face Serum (£8.85): a gentle, effective, silky retinol serum that absorbs beautifully and improves skin texture (full review HERE).

Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (£6.67): thicker than the serum, absorbed just as easily.

Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturiser (£8.75): a light, brightening night cream.

Pro-Glow Superstrobing Drops (£6.68): easily as good as their premium counterparts.

Superbrow Fine Precision Pencil (£3.42): currently my favourite thing for brows.

Deluxe Pro Travel Makeup Brush Set (£16.61): fantastic quality and functional, a travel set that you can actually do your makeup with.


Fresh Glow Breathable Setting Spray (£5.24): pretty but impractical, doesn’t mist so much as squirt you with stickiness.

Pro-Glow Face Sculpting Palette (£7.37): the powder is great, the rest is underwhelming.


Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick (£3.68): not as good as the versions from Charlotte Tilbury or By Terry but far better than other options available at this price.

Supercolour Eyeliner (£3.67): the Brown Beauty shade is disappointing in colour but the formula is OK, a little stiff but stays put.

Petals, Heliotrope & Ambrette Eau de Parfum (£16.42 for 100ml): smells fantastic but doesn’t last (full review HERE.)

Super Healthy Skin Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF 25 (£7.52 for 50ml): this sunscreen is lovely to apply, sits perfectly under makeup, but is not the thing for sunbathing as it migrates into your eyes.

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