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Two months in to using the Beauty Pie Super Retinol and gotta say, I am a fan. This stuff is nice. A retinol serum with a lovely light texture that absorbs into the skin quickly with no sticky residue. I say that I’ve been using it for two months, but in truth it has been on and off. Been a little lazy on the skincare front recently. Slept in my makeup a few times. You know how it is. But that’s how I know that I like it. I can see the difference. The morning after skin looks fresher, makeup goes on smoother. Essentially, my skin looks a little better on the days after I use it than on the days that I don’t.

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Review

Beauty Pie Skincare ReviewsBeauty Pie Reviews 2019

Better, but I still wouldn’t say that the results are dramatic. It’s called Super Retinol but it isn’t super strength, this formula is very mild, suitable for every day use. I use it at night, applied after cleansing with nothing else on top. Even without a buffer, moisturiser either mixed in or applied after, I haven’t experienced even the slightest irritation. No redness. In fact, I could do with it being a little stronger, a little more super charged, though it is great to get visible results from such a gentle product.

Am considering ordering the Beauty Pie Super Retinol (+ Vitamin C) Night Renewal Moisturiser to use on top, take things up a notch. Double bubble. If you are thinking of putting in a Beauty Pie order, I would also fully recommend the Japanfusion Cleanser. These two products together make a great combo, a quick, effective and affordable night time skincare routine.

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Review 2019

Beauty Pie Super Retinol, £10.55 members price (£80 non-members price), here.

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