Red Lipstick For People Who Are Scared Of Red Lipstick

I have a new theory, a little strategy for tackling low mood on dull rainy days. Which is (drum roll): wear all the colour. Seriously, catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or shop window on a miserable day in a bright outfit and it’s amazing how uplifting it is. If bright clothing is just not your thing and you tend to wear a palette of neutrals (guilty as charged) try injecting colour via a bright lip. Never has a red lip looked more cheerful than on a dreary weekday morning.

My new favourite lipstick is a red lipstick, but it’s a red lipstick for people who are scared of red lipstick. Because it’s sheer. Not so much that it slides around your face and migrates to your teeth, but sheer enough that it can be worn in many ways – as a light stain, as a pop of colour, or as proper opaque red. Because you can build it up.

The lipstick in question is the Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in Fireball Pop. Similar in formula to the Intense version of their Chubby Lip Colour Balms, if you know those, but the fact that it comes in a traditional lipstick bullet enables you to be more precise in application.

I say it’s for those who are scared of red lipstick, but if you are a red connoisseur it’s still worth a look, I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the payoff if you are prepared to do a couple of coats. Historically I have been a red super fan, my go to night out look, I even wore it on my wedding day. But recently I’ve been feeling like maybe that ship has sailed, that it no longer suits me, isn’t flattering as my skin and teeth age. (Don’t feel bad for me, I think that ageing is, in the main, both an achievement and a privilege. Plus I have rediscovered the smokey eye. Silver linings. Quite literally.)

This red is a softer way to do red, flattering, teeth-whitening, complexion brightening. A day-time red. A red lipstick for those who have never worn red lipstick. Beginners red. Just the thing for a dull day. Rainy day red.

Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in Fireball Pop, £17.50, here.

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