H&M Beauty Do-It-All Stick For Lips And Cheeks

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I know what you’re thinking. Haven’t you just ordered a cream blusher stick thing from Milk Makeup? And you’d be right, eagle eyes, I have. Do you know why? Totally forgot I’d ordered this one from H&M Beauty. Snuck it in with the kids clothes. Mummy tax.

It was a great decision. It’s another scribble-it-on crayon type affair, and is so quick and easy and pretty and flattering that it has joined my Milk Makeup bronzer stick as part of my new every day routine. As with the Milk Makeup bronzer it was not love at first swatch. Tried it on my hand and it looked a bit weak and the texture felt too emollient, like it might slide around or melt straight off. But on the cheeks it is just the thing. A sheeny, glowy pop of colour. Nothing too intense, or dense, just a light wash that blends away to dewy finish.

H&M beauty review H&M Do It All Stick Cream Blusher Swatches and Review

The dewy finish has the effect of highlighting cheekbones, in the way of those barely there highlighters from the likes of Glossier, no glitter or shimmer, just strategically placed shine. It is a radiant, healthy look. If the grey skies are making you feel a bit muted I can fully recommend a little self tanner and a pop of this on the cheeks for some instant jolly colour.

It lasts really well considering that the formula is quite emollient, probably due to the fact that the product does dry down, the sheen stays but without even a hint of stickiness. I have the shade Golden Apricot which I would describe as a light coral with a gold shift, though that golden tone doesn’t translate into anything shimmery on the face.

H&M have named it the Do-It-All Stick, in the manner of a NARS The Multiple or the aforementioned Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek. I’ve never found the multi-use element of these products to be particularly successful, they either tend to be good on lips or cheeks (or neither) and this one is no exception – it’s quite pretty on the lips but not comparable to a dedicated lip product. Other than that, can’t fault it. Another gem from H&M.

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H&M Do-It-All Stick, currently £5 (was £8.99) here.

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