Choosing Pink Paint

Pale pink paint dulux

Paint is weird. Why does it look so different on an actual wall? Paint charts and cards are highly misleading. Thought I’d been too reserved, had picked four shades that were exactly the same, all variations on pink-tinged white. That’s how they look in the pots. But get them on a wall and jeez, there are some seriously pink swatches in my hall.

Blush pink paint Pale pink paint for bedrooms

Not really in the market for bold. Want to paint my hall walls pink, but not pink pink, nothing princessy or sugary or anything that might be described as salmon. Refined, grown up pink. Blush, sure. Though maybe a little lighter than blush. Nude, perhaps? But also a little dirty. Dirty nude pink?

Dusky pink paint dulux Pink paint swatches

Gotta tip for you. Do not google image pale dirty nude pink. Dusky, I’ve realised, is the word I’m looking for. Think the key might be a yellow undertone, not blue, but who really knows. Not convinced by any of the current four patches I’ve splodged on the hall walls, much to the delight of my husband. So the search continues, have ordered another sample pot, Dorchester Pink Pale by Little Greene. To be continued. Any suggestions gratefully received, do hit me up in the comments!

Dusky pink paint bandq

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  1. Kathryn Mottram
    June 15, 2019 / 4:43 am

    No seriously how do they look THIS different but nigh on identical in the tin?? Witchcraft I tells ya!

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