Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Candles

Sure, not everyone is as enthusiastic about home fragrance as I am. But who doesn’t want their house to smell nice? Exactly. Plus they have an ornamental quality to them, functional and decorative. One easy peasy gift idea, available in a huge range of budgets. If in doubt, get them a candle.

RITUALS… Black Oudh Scented Candle 360g, £29.90.

I was going to tell you about the Rituals Holy Smoke candle but it has gone, not simply out of stock but disappeared from the Internet almost entirely. Which is making me question if it ever actually existed. Maybe I dreamt it, or hallucinated it, a Christmas mirage. Either way, you can’t have it. You can have this, which is a great alternative, same luxurious black packaging, similar smoky scent. They big too, 360g. Even the box is special. It all feels very luxe, yet costs less than £30. Impressive.

JO MALONE Orange Bitters Candle 200g, £48.

A Christmas classic, Jo Malone bring back the Orange Bitters range every year. I find the cologne version a bit, well, bitter, but the scent works perfectly in candle form.

NEOM ORGANICS Real Luxury Skin Treatment Scented Candle 314g, £28.80 (price includes 20% saving).

Look at this! This is an entirely new candle category, have never seen this before, a candle that is also an intensive skin treatment. Burn for 30 minutes, leave to cool for 2 minutes, then use the warm oil to massage or moisturise.

SPACENK Shimmering Spice Candle 175g, £26.

The seasonal SpaceNK candle is your typical festive fragrance, spicy and warm. They update the packaging each year but the much-loved scent stays the same.

ALDI Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle, 300g, £3.99.

The Aldi candles are hit and miss, some are great, others are a bit soapy. This one, I love. It smells incredibly sweet, like a Bakewell tart, but when you burn it the sweetness gains a little smokiness which stops it feeling sickly. Great throw, great packaging, great price.

DIPTYQUE Lucky Flower Candle 190g, £53.

The limited-edition Christmas candles from Diptyque are absolutely gorgeous. Protective Pine is the obvious festive pick, but I might even prefer the other two. Blissful Amber has notes of amber, geranium, lavender and musk, while Lucky Flower is a rose, anise and clove blend.


Show your support for independent businesses by shopping local this year. Gatehouse Candles are local to me, but deliver nationally for £1.99. Their candles are such fantastic quality – they burn cleanly with excellent throw – comparable to any premium brand. The scent selection is also incredible, my favourite being the Cassis Fig & Rose.

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