Disco Socks

If the thought of wearing shoes on Christmas Day at your Mum’s house or, if you are a Proper Grown Up, in your own house feels a bit weird I might have a solution for you. Enter the disco sock. Do you know the badgers? Sheer, glittery, available in a range of colours, like these ones from & Other Stories. Can be worn with a great many footwear options, heels, peeping out from the top of an ankle boot, a strappy sandal even. And then, when your footwear is removed, you still have party feet. Particularly fierce when paired with a slipper, I feel.

Plain Feet

Party Feet

Have yet to show them to my husband and pull the rip cord on the mocking that will inevitably commence, but you know the headband, the gross pearly hairband? It had GROWN ON HIM he says. Wait until he sees it paired with a disco sock. I do feel a bit like a cross between an extra from Clueless and Her Majesty The Queen in this ensemble, but the 90s are back in fash, even if I do remember them first time round.

Elizabeth II

Cher Horowitz

These & Other Stories socks are quite long and tight, but there are lots of options around. Very fond of these little Accessorize ones with the motifs. Great as a stocking filler. I can place the blame for this new sock obsession firmly at the door of the brilliant Erica Davies whose blogpost Festive Dressing: Can I Wear Tights With My Going-Out Shoes? inspired me to try the trend. If disco socks are a step too far but you could be tempted by a jazzy tight, her post is well worth a look.

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