DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

Make your own Christmas wrapping paper! It’s inexpensive, personal and so simple. Yet looks so luxe. Matte black and metallics, yessss. I feel the festive cheer. 

Stuff you need:

  • Black craft paper (I got mine here)
  • Metallic Sharpies (these ones)
  • Christmas music (optional)

Stuff you might like to use also:

  • Black velvet ribbon (I bought mine here)
  • Twine (here)
  • Luggage tags (these)

The Stuff

1. Cut your paper to the right size for your gift. Presuming this is vaguely rectangular, turn it so you have a corner at the top. We’re going to write diagonally across the paper.

2. Pick your festive phrase. Some suggestions: Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Noël, Season’s Greetings, Love From Santa, Peace Joy Love, etc. You could go for a lyric (Deck the Halls, Silent Night..). Or the recipient’s name. Possibilities!

3. Grab a Sharpie. Write one line of your phrase across the paper. Don’t worry, everyone’s handwriting looks good in gold. Just try not to make spelling mistakes. Wisdom. Switch Sharpie colour, write another line. And again. 

4. Keep alternating colours until you’ve filled the paper. I went for all lowercase. And omitted the apostrophe in Season’s  Greetings. It hurt me, but I went for style over substance. You do you. I also used a different phrase for each gift. 

5. Wrap presents! Don’t they look great? Just imagine them under the tree, that metallic writing reflecting the glow of the Christmas tree lights. I finished off with luggage tags and black velvet ribbon or twine. 

Happy wrapping!



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