New! Sleek Makeup Rockstars Collection

Well this is nice. A new, six piece, limited edition collection from Sleek Makeup, fit for the party season. Two eyeshadow palettes, two lipsticks, two strobing souffles, all under £8. 

The Rockstars Collection is a glinting, gleaming, glitterbomb of a makeup launch. Clearly jewel inspired and, like a diamond, high brilliance, high intensity. Subtle it is not.

But who wants subtle! Matte is over. We want glow. Shine bright like a diamond, as Rihanna once said. And indeed, it was the i-Lust Palette in Diamonds In The Rough, £7.49, that called to me the most (and jumped into my basket). A six pan eyeshadow palette, two creams, four powders, all varying tones of shimmery gold and pink. 

Now, it’s not a palette you can create a bunch of looks from. It’s a two look palette really. One, a bright shimmery champagne eye, perfect with a red lip, like Chanel Coco Rouge in Gabrielle, £26 (my holy grail red lipstick) or the darker, ruby-hued Rockstar Collection Lip VIP Lipstick in Scandalous, £5.50. And two, a rose gold eye look, perfect paired with a vampy berry lip. Oh, like the Rockstar Collection Lip VIP Lipsticks in Superstar, £5.50. Ah ha. It’s like they planned it.

The creams feel quite greasy, but actually do a good job as a base, not too much slip (though maybe not for the oily of eyelid). The powder shadows are great, less powdery than other Sleek eyeshadows, but with all the colour payoff. 

But here’s the hidden gem – they also work great on the face, the creams and gold toned shadows as highlighter, the pink toned shadows as blush or blush topper, to add a bit of sheen.

Lovely product, lovely packaging. An affordable jewel in the cosmetics crown. 

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  1. December 1, 2016 / 11:32 pm

    Nice post! I bought yesterday the palette and I can’t wait to use it all this Xmas!!! xxx

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