DIY Upholstery With Glue

Welcome to the lazy gals guide to upholstery! I’ve never reupholstered anything before, but it’s raining, I remember the sad little dressing table stool in my shed and think, project. Having consulted Google, I decide against doing it the proper way as it would involve either venturing outside (I’ve mentioned the rain, right?) or waiting for Amazon to deliver a staple gun, and I want to do it now now now. 

So I find a scrap of fabric and some UHU and think, ok, let’s do this.

1. Take one old pine dressing table stool. 

The ‘before’ picture. Complete with fake tan stains.

2. Turn upside down. See those two brackets in the middle? Remove them with a screwdriver. This separates the seat pad from the legs.

3. Cut fabric to size and place right side down on floor. Put seat cushion top down onto fabric. 

Cut fabric to size. No, I couldn’t be bothered to measure it, or even cut straight lines. Pfft.

4. Apply glue along one edge of seat pad. I used UHU Power and it worked great. Press fabric onto glue and hold until dry.

5. Stick opposite edge of fabric to underside of cushion, making sure fabric is pulled tight. Press until dry. Repeat until all four sides have been glued down. 

6. Lift fabric at corners, tuck excess fabric under and put glue between folds. Fold fabric flat and hold. 

7. Cover with paper, weigh down with books, leave until glue is fully dry. 

Weigh down with ‘books’

8. Fix new seat cushion to legs by replacing screws. 

One new stool! It might not be the proper way to do it, but it gets it done, you know. Boom

I mean, it’s no masterpiece, look at his sad little beat up legs. But the upholstery part, it looks good. Great. So if you are wondering if you can reupholster stuff with glue, yeah, you totally can. 

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  1. K Larsen
    November 9, 2016 / 8:10 pm

    Clever. That looks great!

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