Aldi Cuvée Advent Calendar 

I bought an advent calendar, for myself, in October. The Husband thinks I am bonkers. But it’s a beauty advent calendar, I tell him, they sell out. His face tells me that I should stop talking. 

Aldi has launched a luxury skincare line, building on the existing Lacura Face Care range, and it’s getting buzz. The Cuvée Royal range has four products, two cream mousse moisturisers, a serum and an advent calendar. Developed by top dermatologists, contains antioxidants and gold powder, blah blah blah, I am sold. 

Warning, this is your SPOILER ALERT. 

This is the Aldi Cuvée Advent Calendar, £19.99, and contents:

  • Cuvée Royal Twin Phase Vita Serum, 2 x 1ml
  • Cuvée Royal Oxy Serum, 4 x 2ml
  • Cuvée Royal Refine Serum, 4 x 2ml
  • Cuvée Royal Moisture Serum, 4 x 2ml
  • Cuvée Royal Power Serum, 4 x 2ml
  • Cuvée Royal Lift Serum, 4 x 2ml
  • Cuvée Royal Skin Care with QT40 Luminous Serum Concentrate, 1 x 7.5ml
  • Cuvée Royal Skin Care with QT40 24hr Cream Mousse, 1 x 7.5ml

Aldi Cuvée Advent Calendar. Mine is a bit dented because The Baby sat on it.

It’s an advent calendar full of serum! Hurrah! Serum is my jam. If it’s not your thing, I feel you, skip this one. But for me, lovely. 

All totted up, you get 49.5ml of serum, and 7.5ml of cream mousse, for £19.99. I can’t pretend it’s good value. The full size Aldi Cuvée Royal Serum Concentrate is 50ml and £7.99, same story for the full size Aldi Cuvée Royal 24hr Cream Mousse. You do the maths. But I’m no Scrooge! No one is under the illusion that an advent calendar is the most economical way of buying chocolate, you know? And I did NOT buy the Charlotte Tilbury World of Legendary Parties 2016 Holiday Advent Calendar, £150 (of which more here) so, you know, saintly.

And so, to Aldi, under the guise of sourcing wine and nappies. The calendar is white and gold and sufficiently attractive to have out on your mantle (not an Aldi logo in sight). Pleasingly, it’s layed out like a traditional advent calendar, with little doors to open, rather than filled with numbered boxes. 

Aldi have good chat too – ‘Containing 22 daily vials and 2 special treatments with high quality active ingredients, for a refreshed, youthful appearance ready for Christmas.’ A new face for Christmas! That £19.99 price tag is starting to look very bargainous indeed.

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