In Search Of: Gold Cutlery

I blame Pinterest quite honestly. But it’s soooo pretty. If I had it I could probably do without a new kitchen, so in a way, I’m saving money. Positively thrifty. 

I need gold cutlery, in my life, on my table, brightening up the gloomy months. So, I’ve been having a look around. There is criteria – preferably matte/brushed gold, dishwater safe, doesn’t cost the equivalent of a flight to New York. Being sensible (ahem), I need 6-8 place settings. One setting seems to be 4 pieces (knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon), so we’re looking at 24-32 pieces. Here’s the lowdown, for anyone else pining shiny irons…

Cutipol Moon Matt Gold Cutlery Set


Amara – has this beautiful set, the Cutipol Moon Matt Gold Cutlery Set, 24 pieces, £305. Dishwasher safe, great shape, but you know, £305. Punchy.

Anthropologie Dora Serving Set

Anthropologie – has gold dipped cutlery, copper cutlery, but no straight up gleaming gold. They do have the magnificent gold and marble Dora Serving Set, £34, which has gone straight to the top of my Xmas list.

West Elm Gold Cutlery 5-pc Place Setting

West Elm – has the rather lovely, if unimaginatively named, Gold Cutlery 5-pc Place Setting, £29. Dishwasher safe, an elegant choice, but 6 place settings will set you back £174.

Zara Home Stonewashed Golden Cutlery

Zara Home – has a few options, all sold as individual utensils rather than as place settings, which makes things easy if you’d like a couple of spare knives, yet no need for a salad fork (yes West Elm I’m looking at you). My favourite is the Stonewashed Golden Cutlery, £7.99-£9.99. Dishwasher safe and the perfect brushed finish, 6 place settings costs £227.76. Ouch. 

Habitat TURINI Gold Finish 16 Piece Cutlery Set

Habitat – has the TURINI Gold Finish 16 piece Cutlery Set, £90. Extra points for the sets of 4 dessert and tablespoons sold separately, dishwasher safe, but if you’re having dinner for more than 4 people you’ll need to buy two sets, at £180. 

MADE.COM Newberg 16pc Cutlery Set

MADE.COM – the impeccably timed MADE.COM magazine landed on my doorstep, and the Newberg 16pc Cutlery Set, £119, jumped right off the page (not to mention the rest of the new homewares collection, available from November – gold and marble, lovely). It was with a heavy heart that I realised this was only 4 place settings, so places for 8 totalling a lumpy £238. Not even £15 off with current discount code COASTERS could soften that blow. 

M&S 16 Piece Astoria Brushed Cutlery Set. Don’t love it, OK? It’s gone. Let it go.

Marks and Spencer – just as my hopes of a gilded Christmas table were starting to fade, I saw these beauties on a display table in my local M&S. Of course! Marksies will sort us out for the festive season! I couldn’t see them on the website, but as the M&S Christmas Food to Order magazine is strewn with gold cutlery, I assumed that I was jumping the Yuletide gun, and that they would appear shortly. But a disheartening Google search turned up this listing, the 16 Piece Astoria Brushed Cutlery Set, £49.50, out of stock, I fear, forever.

Next 16 Piece Gold Effect Cutlery Set

Next – it’s not matte, but it is a 16 Piece Gold Effect Cutlery Set for £32. At £64 for 8 place settings, it’s certainly a more affordable option, but loses points for being hand wash only. 

Argos Collection 24 pc Glamour Gold Plated Stainless Steel Cutlery

Argos – well well, what have we here? The Collection 24 pc Glamour Gold Plated Stainless Steel Cutlery set is just £27.99 (currently 20% off, normal RRP £34.99). Some of the reviews say that the gold starts to wear off after just a couple of handwashes (even though the care instructions say dishwasher safe), but the under-£30 price tag for 6 place settings makes it worth a look, at least. 

Happy shopping…




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