Seventeen Shimmer Brick Review

Not new. Not even a new find. But something rediscovered that I’m loving so hard I thought I would mention it. Because it’s also an absolute steal.

The Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick is £3.99, comes in two colourways – gold bronze or pink bronze – and is brightening up my winter completion no end.

Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze

February is about as pale as it gets. The visage hasn’t seen a lick of sun in months; it’s verging on translucent right now. Both fine, tan or no tan, they just have very different makeup requirements.

Which is why the ol’ Seventeen Shimmer Bricks got forgotten. Brain labelled as ‘summer only’. And the gold one is my absolute favourite summer bronzer of life.

Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze Swatches

Gold Bronze Swatches

If the word shimmer makes you nervous, don’t be. I’m glitter phobic. Not on the face please, I am a grown up. But the right amount of shimmer, the kind found in high end products, doesn’t translate as glittery shimmer on application. It just gives the face a little lift.

Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Pink Bronze

The Seventeen Shimmer Brick is shimmer done right. It feels high end. If you swirl your brush around all four shades it gives a beautiful, lifted look, and can be built from subtle to full on – the gold tones as bronzer, the pink tones as blusher. The top strips also make for popping highlighter.

Seventeen Shimmer Brick in Pink Bronze Swatches

Pink Bronze Swatches

Though not as anamoured with the pink version initially, I’m loving it now, for pasty face. Matte bronzer, then this as blush. Winter glow goals.

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      Thank you lovely! I will check out your review too. H x

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