Collection Precision Contouring Stick Review

Contour cream, yaaass, all over it. Contouring sticks? Hmm. Not really into the carved out cheek situation. No brown stripes here, I like to blend

But you know what I do like? Nose contour. Love me some nose contouring. For the uninitiated, applying a contouring product a couple of shades darker than your foundation down the sides of your nose can make it look slimmer. Try it immediately

Collection Precision Contouring Stick in Light

And you know what’s key to a great nose contour? Precision. Now, me and my best fave cream contour, Make Obsession Contour Cream in Light and Light/Medium, £3 each, have been rubbing along just fine. If you are new to contouring and fancy giving it a go, I highly recommend trying these. Suck in you cheeks and apply it to the hollows. Buff a bit into your hairline at the temples. Let me know what you think. 

Makeup Obsession Contour Cream in Light and Light/Medium

But I thought there might be something better out there for the nose situation.

The Collection Precision Contour Stick, £3.99, is the thing that is better. I nearly didn’t buy it. Paid it a visit, swatched on the hand it seemed a little stiff and hard to blend. So I passed. 

But it kept calling to me, from its Superdrug home, give me a try. So I did and it’s great. Super easy to blend, doesn’t disrupt your base. 

The shade range is a bit odd. There are three: light, medium and dark. The Medium shade is very warm, but Light is a smashing cool-toned brown that doesn’t look too ashey on the face. 

And when I say face I mean nose. I wouldn’t bother with it anywhere else. But if precision contouring is your jam, you might like to check it out.

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