DIY Tribal Print Wrapping Paper

Brown paper is the only wrapping you ever need! Grab a couple of Sharpies, and hey presto, unique DIY wrapping paper. 

The equipment:

  • Brown craft paper. I buy mine on a roll, from Amazon.
  • Sharpies, various colours. I like the metallic ones, as they layer onto black.

The Equipment

Obviously, the design is totally up to you. I went for a tribal print type vibe.

Start by drawing four black lines, 1cm apart, along the width of your paper. Leave a 20cm gap and draw another four lines. Repeat until the end of the paper. Do it free hand, and don’t worry too much about keeping in a straight line, we’re going for a handmade look after all, wonky is good. Artisanal. 

Lovely. Now fill in the stripes. Arrows, triangles, chevrons, crosses, dots. Cram ’em all in. Don’t worry, it looks rubbish when you start, just keep going. Resist the urge to bin it. If in doubt, add more dots.

Fill in all the lines, either repeating the pattern or mixing it up. Then wrap gifts and revel in your craftiness! I added string and a luggage tag gift tag. 

Happy wrapping,


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  1. K Larsen
    November 4, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Fabulous! I’d love a present wrapped up like this. It looks really good.

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