Clinique Smart Serum Review

It’s £49. For 30ml. I think we need to talk about that, upfront. If you would never pay that kinda money for a serum, I feel you, it hurts me to even type it. Spendy skincare gives me the fear, that I’m being a mug, chasing the impossible eternal youth dream. 

And skin is tricky to assess. So many factors contribute – diet, water consumption, weather. Time of the month. So I’m careful to only mention products I’m pretty gosh darn sure make a difference.

The Clinique Smart Custom Serum is one of those products. After four days of using it there was a definite reduction in fine lines around my eyes. I know. I was one happy camper. But the four weeks that followed, nothing, a wrinkle plateau

Now in week five I’m having an excellent time, skinwise. Tip top condition. Plump. I’ve been using the serum in conjunction with the eye cream and the day and night cream, but it’s the serum that I feel is the game changer.

So I love it. But it will run out soon, I can sense that the end is nigh. And a 6-weekly, fifty quid a pop serum habit is not a sustainable endeavour. So I’m moving on, to new affordable brand The Ordinary. I’ll report back. 

Clinique Smart Custom Serum is £49-£112, available here. 




  1. February 22, 2017 / 6:03 am

    Oh I’ve been so tempered to give this a try! Looking forward to your thoughts on the more affordable brand. Thanks!

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