Bumble and Bumble Hair Products Review

When it comes to hair I’m all about volume. Big hair, don’t care. Ideally, I want to resemble a lion, check me out with my giant mane. 

I’ve tried all sorts in the quest for massive hair – products, back combing, layers, feathering. My friend Alice and I gave up brushing our hair altogether for part of 2008. Suffice to say, shiny, glossy, silky locks have never really been on my agenda. Not my modus

My most recent search for a big barnet led me to texturising spray. I’ve never used one before, but it sounds ace. Instant height, texture and volume. Halfway between a hairspray and a dry shampoo, for beachy, bed head style. Yesss.

So I headed off to Boots for some of this, the Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish, £22. But then something else caught my eye. A little pack of Bumble and bumble products, for the same price. 

One travel sized Bumble and bumble Does It All Styling Spray, £22 full size, a Bumble and bumble All-Style Blowdry, £23, and a little Prét-a-powder, £22 full size, the dry shampoo that everyone on YouTube loves so much. So I went off brief, seduced by the deal, the three in one. 

Doom in a can

You guys, this hairspray smells terrible. It’s disgusting. I’m not a person who is sensitive to fragrance in beauty products and yet I really struggle with this one.   

Does it do its job as hairspray? Yes, probably, but I’m too busy fanning the air and choking on toxicity to notice. Seriously, it’s that bad. Stick to Elnett

The old faithful

I love dry shampoo, for styling as well as perking up second (ahem, third and fourth) day hair. But I’ve always been a bit disappointed when I’ve strayed away from Batiste and towards other brands. And the Bumble and bumble Prét-a-powder is no exception. 

I don’t get it. It doesn’t work as a dry shampoo, at all. As a styling product, yes, it gives you that sticky, mattified volume, so is essentially a really expensive version of the Schwarzkopf got2be Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder, £4.19. 

The Bumble and bumble All-Style Blowdry, £23, is quite nice. A creme that fights frizz and protects against heat damage. 

I sort of wanted to hate it so that I could write the whole lot off and banish Bumble and bumble to the Room 101 in my mind. But I don’t. It definitely makes things more smooth and shiny and though they might not be my personal hair goals, it’s not a bad product. Though I’m sure there are plenty that do the same thing for half the £23 price tag. 

So I’m still without texturising spray. But I do have a bunch of Bumble and bumble products that I don’t like. And am making myself use as punishment for my poor shopping choices. 

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  1. January 16, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    Best products! Love your blog 😀 xx

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