New Year New Scent

Smell is intrinsically linked to memory. The faintest waft of a certain perfume or aftershave can transport you to another time and place, an instant reminder of a celebration past. A special birthday, school days, your wedding day.

If you didn’t get perfume for Christmas and fancy starting a new year with a new scent, I can recommend a lovely one. Fleurs de L’Himalaya by Rituals, £39 for 50ml, is part of the Oriental Essence Collection and is inspired by the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas. 

Imagine you’re at high altitude and everything is just a bit more vivid, your senses heightened. This perfume smells exactly how I would imagine a field of peonies, at high altitude near mountains, to smell. Clean and fresh. A floral scent with a slightly woody, musky depth to it. 

And it comes in such pretty packaging. A pale pink glass bottle, gold name plate and light wooden stopper, in a black, gold and pale pink box. Dressing table worthy. 

I don’t find it to be especially long-lasting, but then I think that’s reflected in the price tag. 

  • Top notes: lemon, peach, green tea. 
  • Heart notes: peony, orchid, jasmine. 
  • Base notes: patchouli, musk. 

A pretty floral perfume in pretty packaging at a pretty reasonable price. That in years to come, may remind you of a pretty great NYE. 

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